A letter from Pastor Joey …

New Union Family,

Christmas is right around the corner! Among the hustle and bustle of activities, family gatherings, shopping
trips, and holiday treats, it can be easy to focus on the consumer side of this season. But as we seek to center
our homes on Christ, we hope you’ll make Advent a part of your Christmas traditions.

The word “Advent” is translated in Latin to “coming.” History tells us it was initially started as a season of
preparing new believers for baptism and had little to do with Christmas. But for centuries now, Christians have
set aside the month of December to set their hearts on celebrating the first coming of Christ, while excitedly
looking ahead for his second coming. Like the prophets of the Old Testament, we wait, exiled from the culture
around us, in eager expectation for when Christ will return and make all things new.

Here at New Union, we care about making Christ supreme in our homes. We care about training our children
in church history and biblical literacy. Our aim is not to add another thing to your busy holiday schedule, but to
make sure we are prioritizing the right things in a chaotic time. We’ve put together some resources that we
hope will be helpful to our families in this. This is not an exhaustive list by any means; there are many
wonderful resources available and if your family has traditions already in place, keep going! But if you need
ideas, here are a few totally free options for you to check out. You can be as crafty and involved as you like –
Pinterest has infinite options to help with this or keep it sweet and simple. Whatever route you take, we pray
that this season would be a time of orienting our hearts around Christ’s coming and joyful worship of our

O come, O come, Emmanuel,
And ransom captive Israel,
That mourns in lonely exile here
Until the Son of God appears.
Rejoice! Rejoice!
Emmanuel shall come to thee, O Israel

Preschool: Printable Advent cards telling the Christmas story. Each day has 1-2 verses to read together and

Take it one step further: consider getting a nativity set your kids can see and play with. Grocery store, thrift
shops would be a good place to look for these, and Little People (available on Amazon) makes a great set for
tiny hands to play with.

Preschool Advent Cards

Children: Jesus Storybook Bible Reading Plan. (If you need a copy of the Jesus Story Book Bible, please see
Pastor Joey, we’d love to give you one!)

Take it one step further: download and print corresponding ornaments and hang on your tree. There are
options for pre-decorated ornaments or blanks your kids can color themselves while you are reading the
story. (See Attachments for reading plan and ornament options)

Jesus Story Book Bible Reading Plan
Printable Ornaments

Adults: If you are hopping on board the advent train and would like to do a personal study geared more to
your age, these are 2 options loved by the Liew household. Consider doing this with a group of friends or your
D-Group for added discussion!

  1. Gentle Leading Advent for Moms free devotion emailed daily.
  2. Good News of Great Joy, John Piper, free ebook. It can be read on a computer or saved to your phone via
    kindle app, iBooks, or web browser for your convenience.

In Christ,
Pastor Joey