Our Mission:

To see our neighbors and the nations glorify God in Christ

What you can expect at New Union

You can expect to find our members involved in the genuine worship of a real God who offers real hope to the world through Jesus Christ. We readily admit that the reason for everything we do here at New Union is for the Lord and not for ourselves.

We are sinners whose lives have been transformed by the grace of God through faith in Jesus Christ, and we are called to be a church for Rhea County that labors to advance the Gospel throughout the nations.

There is a place for you here at New Union. God is doing a dynamic work in our lives and our community and we hope you will come join us as we Worship Christ, Live in Community, Get Trained, and Make Disciples.

Plan Your Visit  


8:30 AM  Worship
9:45 AM  Sunday School
11:00 AM  Worship
6:00 PM  S4OS Choir
6:00 PM  Equipping Classes


5:15 PM Supper
6:20 PM KidVenture Kick-Off
6:30 PM Youth Worship
6:30 PM Prayer & Bible Study
7:30 PM Adult Choir Rehearsal